I’m Nate.
I’m Nate.

I’m Nate.

I want to bring joy to people. It took me up until I just about made it to 40 years old to realize it. I’m not particularly interesting. I like to keep things simple. I like to experiment. I like to write.

I’m also a bit of a dumbass. Some might argue that I’m a major goober and I’m inclined to agree. I’ve realized that as I continue to acknowledge and be aware that I’m adverse to “traditional” adulthood, I did a bad job of learning basic life skills. I’m in a constant “flying by the seat of my pants” mode. I never know what to do. Instead, I freeze, panic, and then start guessing what to do next. And then I laugh at myself.

Me on the Appalachian Trail headed toward Charile’s Bunion

I am innately cumbersome and have clumsiness built-in. It’s funny. I know I’m not alone, though. There are a bunch of you out there just like me who has reached the 40-years-old summit and thought, “Damn, this is nothing like I thought it would be. Stupid mortgage. Stupid car payment. Stupid insurance!”

Seems like I haven’t learned shit outside of how to work my butt off to pay bills. Perspective is a beautiful thing.

I’m not a profound individual. I’m not particularly classy either. I had my “ah ha!” moment while reading I Hate Everything by Matthew DiBeneditti. A gift from my sister Nichole who seems to know me better than I know myself. Sorry not sorry. This blog is not about how to release your inner self or how to connect with the universe. If you need wisdom Sadhguru is your guy. What you can expect from me is to fail, do dumb things, and laugh at myself. I expect you to do the same. Possibly relate. Full transparency, its all about fun. I can choose to be discouraged or demoralized that when confronted with things like a leaky faucet or a broken thermostat that I haven’t a clue about what to do next, or I can choose to “wing it” (just like YOU wing it).

Moreover why not video my shenanigans? You should delight at the fact that I’m a ham-handed clown car. I do. Some of you will relate. Completely. Moreover, I am fortunate enough to have a badass family that has the patience to put up with my nonsense (I don’t know how they do it, frankly). I lucked out. I don’t really deserve them.

That said, cheers to you folks that suck at everything like I do. Thank you for taking the time and effort to read this little intro and thank you for stopping by. The one thing I can promise you, for certain, is that you won’t get the time back that it took you to read this post. So there is that.

Happy sucking?


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