Pool Pump Repair (Part 1)
Pool Pump Repair (Part 1)

Pool Pump Repair (Part 1)

I’m lucky enough to own a pool but the pool is not lucky enough to have a competent owner!

This is what happened…

I Suck At Pool Pump Repair

At the pool pump there is a box. The box has a clear lid, two twisty fasteners, and a rubber seal. The box has a basket that collects all the debris that is sucked up by the pool vacuum. It’s all magic to me. I was told by a friend that I should see water all the way up to the box lid. I should not see any gap between the lid and the water. Basically its all about full on water pressure (I think).

Well, about 3 weeks ago I was outside and noticed the pool vacuum was stationary. Usually when this happens it is trying to suck up a magnolia tree leaf. If you know about magnolia trees you’ll know that the pool vacuum has no chance of sucking up them leaves. Magnolia leaves are a nightmare to deal with. Anyway, I pull up the vacuum out of the pool and to my surprise there was nothing lodged in its mouth. I walked over to the pump and noticed that the “box with the clear lid” would fill up as expected and then rapidly empty. It was weird.

I Have no idea what I’m doing!

I don’t know what I’m doing so I just shut off to pool pump and decided that the best course of action was to call an expert. It could be a simple fix but what do I know? Nothing. I’m not going to chance it.

We have a pool service that comes once a week to check the pool chemicals. They add any chemicals that are needed, if they are needed. I’m nervous about chemicals and the pool. I’m not chemist. I’ve never owned a pool and I have people’s kids coming over on the regular to hang out with my kids and they like to go swim. Even as an irresponsible adult it is obvious that this scenario warrants an expert.

The same day I cautiously turned off the pump the pool service homie showed up, added chemicals, and then proceeded to turn on the broken pool pump motor (or whatever was broken). Now, I understand the reasoning in terms of why the individual turned on the pump even though it was clearly off. The chemicals need to circulate and part of the pump’s job is to conspire with the water pressure such that the jets in the pool shoot out and move the water around. However, the individual did not wait and ensure that the box with the clear lid had the appropriate water pressure. Instead, the individual made the assumption that all is well and walked away.

Sigh, pool pumps are tricky buggers

Consequences? A hose burst and the pool drained by half. I didn’t know the hose burst and the pool was draining until hours after the service dude had been over to the house and left. The sound the burst hose made was similar to what you’d hear at a car wash. I was outside for about 30 minutes while the pool was draining, by the way. I thought my neighbor was washing his RV. After about a half hour of the sound of a car wash and the fact that, in cursory, suspicious inspection, the water line in the pool seemed oddly low, did I go investigate.

It looked like a geyser. I panicked. I stood there for a moment and looked around for help. I don’t know why I looked for help. I just did. Excuse the cursing but all that my brain could articulate was, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” I’m looking at the pump and then the pool and then the geyser, back and forth. Finally I had the wherewithal to turn off the pump.

So here we are. 3 weeks later. Enjoy my ineptitude.


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