Crappy Shelving Units
Crappy Shelving Units

Crappy Shelving Units

We moved into our new place about three months prior to the making of this video. Part of the allure was a small loft space the girls could share and use for crafts, lounging, or whatever they could come up with. They’ve been asking for shelves since before we moved in.

I Suck At Shelving

If you’re anything like me, I wish stuff like shelving units would be magical and ship already constructed, super light (so I can carry and place it), and look exactly as I imagined it in my mind. Instead, the boxes are always awkward, Styrofoam gets everywhere, nothing is put together, and I’m immediately unmotivated.

Sigh. I have to read directions. Sigh. I have to clean up once we’re done and take all these boxes out. Sigh. I could be doing something fun. Sigh. I don’t have enough room to build this. Sigh. It’s hot in the house and my balls are sticking to my thighs.

Shelves are so much work! If it wasn’t for Sam these shelves would likely be in shambles!


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