I Planted My trash
I Planted My trash

I Planted My trash

Trashy Peppers and Tomatoes

Armen Adamjan – @creative_explained – inspired me to plant my trash. He is exceptional at life hacks. His TikTok is full of tips and tricks. Check him out.

The deal is this: instead of throwing away your onion scraps, keep the root end and replant it. So that’s what I did. I also planted a slice of a tomato and poked a couple of pepper seeds into a clay pot (or is it terracotta?). I’ve also planted some fancy onions (shallots).

Outside of the fact that replanting my trash is a straightforward project that even someone like me should be able to accomplish I figure that a) I know exactly where this new food came from and b) how it was treated. Plus it was cheap. I spent maybe $10 on all the materials. A 3 pound bag of onions at Walmart is about $2.40 as of this writing. So I could plant 3 lbs of worth of onions for every bag of onions I buy. I’ll make my money back after about 4 bags planted. Seems like a lot but if the project works I’ll get to 12 pounds in no time.

Of course, there is the problem of time. At scale my arrangement isn’t likely saving me a substantial amount of money (or any at all). The arrangement is also a bit untenable. I suck at math but I have a feeling that to get any “real” savings from planting my trash I would need a field worth of veggies and a bunch of my time to tend to it. But this is beside the point, I place more value in the fun of having a little garden and enjoying the harvest than I do the nickles I’d save.

Here is the setup:

  1. Dirt – it was on sale so don’t @me
  2. Buckets – I drilled in some holes on the bottom for drainage. That was a “gut feeling” call. I don’t know if the holes will make a difference.
  3. Pots & Saucers– because there are holes in the pots!

Then on November 15, 2020, I planted away…

I don’t have any images of the peppers or tomatoes pre-growth. I thought I took pics but, ya know, I’m not perfect so bite me. Lightly?

Anyway, I simply poked the onions, fancy onions, tomato slice, and a few pepper seeds into the soil, watered them, and let them be. I water everything approximately every other day (or as I remember).

A few weeks later (December 2, 2020) here is where they are at!

Holy shit balls I’m a damn farmer! I felt like I should replant the tomatoes and the peppers because it seems like something you should do once the plants start to get big. The onions are doing their thing but those fancy onions haven’t budged. Maybe they are divas? I don’t know. I’m going to let them sit there a couple more weeks and see what happens. If nothing then scoot over fancy onions! I got peasant onions to plant.

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