Dog Hair Christmas Ornament
Dog Hair Christmas Ornament

Dog Hair Christmas Ornament

Merry Christmas! <- If that triggers you, Happy Holidays!

I mean no disrespect. It doesn’t make any difference to me what they call the winter holiday season. For me its about fun, family, and an opportunity to have a little break. I think just about all of us deserve a little breather.

My sister Nichole is a genius. She came up with a simple idea for a new tradition for my family. The Ugly Ornament Exchange, secret Santa style. It’s brilliant. As soon as she texted this I got to thinking. I was in the shower when it dawned on me (not like the dish soap, don’t be weird) I will collect Sadie’s hair for a month. She sheds like crazy! I’ll use the hair to make a rendition of Sadie as an ornament. This is Sadie:

I knew it was going to be bad from the get go. If you need a person talented at crafts its definitely not I. This is how the ornament turned out:

Aaaaand, here is how I made it! Enjoy and Happy Holidays! Get some rest, spend time with family, and relax!!

How To Build A Dog Hair Ornament… Kinda

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