Big Mac Sausage (Part 1)
Big Mac Sausage (Part 1)

Big Mac Sausage (Part 1)

I’ve always got a few projects in the fire and I’m always trying to get my poor family involved. I don’t know how they put up with me!!

Although we’re not the first to do something like this (Sam and I at first thought we were), we decided it the concept was fun and we had to do it.

Our spin on sausage made of fast food is this:

  1. Take the fast food item and turn it into sausage
  2. Recreate the fast food item as a sausage
  3. Taste

Thus, we present to you: Big Mac Sausage, I Suck At Everything style!! If you’re feeling generous you could also always go and do me a Like & Subscribe on that there YouTube. Just sayin’.

Big Mac Sausage (Part 1)


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