Harold the Blobfish
Harold the Blobfish

Harold the Blobfish

Let’s teach kindness

It’s easy to get swept up in today’s politics, which are, as Bill Burr (comedian) best articulated, basically become a dramatic sport. We only see the fouls of the other team. It can be too much. Our kids get cloaked in our bias. They are shaped by what we say and how we act.

Visual filtering is one of the first ways kids determine whom they will associate. We have to help them navigate by interacting with them often and asserting that they must learn to cooperate with others. Kids must learn how to organically reject a stereotype based on appearance.

I offer Harold the Blobfish as an early training tool for establishing tolerance early. The book is illustrated by Momin Arju who goes by daringparvin89 on Fiverr. Please consider purchasing a copy! Thank you so much for your support!!


  1. I purchased and read it!
    I absolutely love the book and Harold is just amazing.
    You got me at “teaching kindness”! I recently wrote & illustrated my own Children’s book with exactly that theme 🙂🙂

    1. Thank you so much! ❤️ I think I was right in the middle of buying your calendar at the same time lol. I love your style. I try to be kind as a general rule. I want my contribution to be positive and full of giggles.

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