DIY Taco Bell Chalupa Sausage (Part 2)
DIY Taco Bell Chalupa Sausage (Part 2)

DIY Taco Bell Chalupa Sausage (Part 2)

How To Make Chalupa Sausage Experiment, Part 2

Sam & Devise A Plan!

…to make decent tasting sausage for our Chalupa Sausage Experiment. What’s up Suckas! If you missed it head over and watch Part 1 and then come back for the rest.

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You’ll need equipment if you don’t have any, of course.

Meat Grinder – I recommend STX products. They chew through anything at an affordable price:

STX Turboforce II

Casings – I always buy natural casings. I know in my videos I’m a little bit dramatic but believe me, these are sturdy and have no taste:

Natural Hog Casings by Oversea Casing

2x Taco Bell Seasoning Packets

About 3 Pounds/1.4 Kilograms Ground Chuck

Make the Sausage

  1. Soak your casings for at least 15 – so, while they soak…
  2. Chop up your meat into cubes that will fit your grinder/sausage maker
  3. Mix in the Taco Bell Seasoning packets well
  4. Equip the grinder with a medium grinding plate
  5. Grind the meat and mix again (to better incorporate the seasonings)
  6. Grind a second time
  7. Remove grinding plate and equip the grinder with the sausage plate (see video) and sausage tube
  8. Clean out casings by running water through them
  9. Roll casing onto the sausage tube all the way — like a condom (see video)
  10. Delicately push meat down the casing shaft and into the casing (see video)

Stay tuned for the taste test!

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