I Suck At Everything
About old

About old

Hi.  I’m Nathan Peek.  I suck at everything.

I doubt I’ll ever be an adult. As a kid, I thought all adults were wise and infallible. They could fix anything.  Do anything.  Like anyone else I get older and realize the folly in my thinking.  At least toddlers still think I’m smart!

One morning it dawned on me that I pretty much suck at everything.  I’m in this constant state of improvisational comedy.  I figure, there has got to be more of “me” out there.  Certainly I’m not the only parent wakes up most mornings with the thought, “Well, guess we’ll be winging it again today.”

High-five to those of you who also “suck at everything” and are honest enough to admit it.  And don’t fret.  Be at peace that you can’t possibly suck at everything more than me.