I Suck At Everything


DIY Windowsill Trellis

The Before Times… If you’ve never planted a garden in your windowsills, you should. It’s easy. Year round fresh produce is a beautiful thing. I typically stick to herbs and peppers but occasionally I’ll experiment and attempt something new such as green beans. To my surprise, my green bean plants grew much more rapidly than …

Rutherford & Gert: Escape From Trash Island (Episode 2)

R&G Continue Their Journey Lost in Pool Ocean, Rutherford & Gert meet an unlikely pair. If you missed it don’t forget to watch the first episode here on I Suck At Everything Or on YouTube. If you choose to watch on YouTube hit that like and subscribe buttons!

DIY Taco Bell Chalupa Sausage (Part 2)

Sam & Devise A Plan! …to make decent tasting sausage for our Chalupa Sausage Experiment. What’s up Suckas! If you missed it head over and watch Part 1 and then come back for the rest. Throw us a subscribe while your at it! Equipment You’ll need equipment if you don’t have any, of course. Meat …

Me at Washington DC
About Me

Recently I woke up to the fact that I pretty much suck at everything.  I can’t fix anything. I guess a lot and I’m in this constant state of improvisational comedy.  It’s not that my world is bleak or I’ve succumbed to weight of my suckiness.  I figure, there has got to be more of “me” out there.  Certainly I’m not the only parent wakes up most mornings with the thought, “Well, guess we’ll be winging it again today.”

High-five to those of you who also “suck at everything” and are honest enough to admit it.  And don’t fret.  Be at peace that you can’t possibly suck at everything more than me.

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